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Webmaster JJ has been a full time freelance Web Developer / Designer since 2004. His clients hail from around the globe. Webmaster JJ's nomorious illustrious talents include... okay, okay I'm done with the weird third person point of view. Hi, my name is Jay. I provide web develpment and design services to small businesses, but what it really comes down to is I love problem solving with art and technology. I'm located in Harrisburg / Camp Hill, PA, but I work with rad people all over the world. Please check out my services below and feel free to email me if you have a project you would like to work on together.



  • Website & Blog Dev.
  • Custom Wordpress Themes & Plugins
  • Squarespace Customizations
  • Shopify Templates

Most Used Dev. Tools

Javascript, HTML, CSS, Vue.js, Nuxt.js, PHP, MYSQL, Wordpress, Shopify, Squarespace, LAMP Stacks, VIM, Visual Studio Code, Node.js, MongoDB, pencil, legal pad and black coffee.


  • Website and Blog Design
  • Illustration
  • Hand Drawn Lettering
  • Logo Design

Most Used Design Tools

Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Blender, Wacom tablet, cheap printer paper, tracing paper, a lightbox, non photo blue pencil, brush + ink, and liner pens.




Q. Are all these actual questions you get asked frequently, or is this just way for you to address various topics and not have to structure them into coherent gramatically correct sentences and paragraphs?
A. You got me.

Q. For real, how often do you rock a turt. and a gold chain?
A. Not often enough.

Q. So you're a "webmaster?" Do you think it's still 1998?
A. "Full-lamp-stack-front-and-backend-developer-with-seo-and-ux-experence-plus-designer-JJ" doesn't have as nice of a ring to it.

Q. So you're a Developer and a Designer? Aren't those two completely different things? Doesn't that just make you half-assed at both?

A. If I had just started doing this a couple years ago, then yeah, it probably would mean I was half-assing both, but I've been doing this for about 15 years. Plus I don't just take any design job. It has to be something that's in my wheelhouse. Something with an aesthetic I like and something that I think I can bring something extra too.

As for the development side, I focus on the fundamentals of good programming. I keep an eye on the latest frameworks, trendiest languages, the best practices of the hour, but my main goal is to provide my client with a working and stable website/blog/app at an reasonable price.

Q. What's your perfered method of communication?
A. Email is great! It gives me a written record of requests, and you can send me links to examples, reference photos, your copy, etc. Plus if you have big questions like "What platform / framework / turtle neck is best for my project?" I can give it more than one second of thought before answering you. I don't mind chatting on the phone if we've never worked together before, and you want to make sure I'm a real human, or if we're up late launching you new site, but for most other things email is awesome!

Q. What's your GitHub account?
A. I have GitHub but so far I haven't used it for a couple reasons: (1) I run my own Git server for remote repos. (2) Most of the coding I do is client work, and I don't think my clients would be too thrilled if I started making the code they paid me to write open source.

Q. How do we get started working with eachother?
A. Please email me at

Q. I'm a fellow developer nerd or design hipster, would you want to work as a team?
A. Sure, hit me up!